From history and culture to food and wine, this tour will equip you with all of the knowledge of a local so that you can make the most of your stay- all while savouring the meandering streets of the labyrinthine Gothic District.


This 2 hour tour takes place in one of the best preserved Medieval districts in the world,

El Barrio Gótico, in the enchanting winding cobblestone alleys, where many a secret is kept.

We will delve into the 2000 year history - spanning from Romans to Knights Templar to

20th century dictators, all the Heroes, Villains and  Kings who have played a role.

Featuring Pablo Picasso, Christopher Columbus, George Orwell to name but a few.

Set against a backdrop of a diverse array of spectacular architecture and a world of artworks, adding splashes of colour and character to the tour.

The neighbourhood is populated with many historic cafés and award-winning restaurants, you can expect to be furnished with a full list of the best spots to wine, dine and for shopping time.