Discover the part of the the city thats not in the

guidebooks. In the city´s coolest and most

complex neighbourhood, el Raval. This tour is for

travellers, not tourists.


This tour takes place in el Raval neighbourhood, the more notorious and authentic part of the Old Town.

Historically famous for it’s ´pobres, putas, anarquistas y maricones´

 (read - tramps, trannies, anarchists and whores) this was Picasso and Hemingways playground. Where the inns and taverns heaved with sailors and soldiers deep into the night.

Nowadays this is where you will find the street art, skaters, students and subversives.

The Urban Culture of the city.

The tour takes place in the evening and consists of exploring this underground culture whilst visiting some of the oldest establishment bars in the district and discovering other contemporary cultural institutions,

as per the events in the neighbourhood of that day.

My personal favourite. - Luke.